MCX314AL- 4-Axis Motion Control IC with interpolation

MCX314AL is 4-axis motion control IC which can independently control 4 axes of either stepper motor driver or pulse type servo motor for position and speed control. In addition, it can perform 2/3-axis linear interpolation, CW/CCW circular interpolation, 2/3-axis bit pattern interpolation and continuous interpolation.
  • 32-bit circular / linear interpolation.
  • Non-symmetrical parabolic S-curve / trapezoidal acceleration / deceleration driving.
  • Integral filter for input signal built-in.
  • Maximum drive speed    8Mpps (at CLK=32MHz), 4Mpps (at CLK=16MHz)
  • 144-pin plastic LQFP type.
  • Power voltage        +3.3V

4-axis independent drive

Each X,Y,Z and U axis has the same function and 32-bit position counter. Constant speed, linear acceleration / deceleration and S-curve drive is possible up to 8Mpps as maximum speed (at CLK=32MHz).


Circular / linear / continuous interpolation

Continuous interpolation executes the sequence of interpolation drive continuously, drive will not stop, by writing the next interpolation data during current interpolation node.


Automatic deceleration for non-symmetrical trapezoidal drive

In non-symmetrical trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration drive whose accelerating and decelerating speed are different, automatic decelerating can be executed. There is no need to set the start point of decelerating by manual.


Integral filter for input signal built-in

It is possible to set for each input signal whether the filter function is enabled or the signal is passed through.


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