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PIX132-Integral filter built-in 32points General Purpose I/O IC

PIX132 is a 32-bit general purpose I/O interface IC equipped with the built-in digital integral filters.

You can test the function of PIX132 with an evaluation module.
Click here for the details of the evaluation module, PIX132EV >>
  • 2 operational modes, CPU slave mode or independent mode.
  • Number of Input/Output:32 points. Input/output is settable for 4 points each.
  • Digital integral filter is built-in for all the general input signals.
  • Input transition: Trapping the transition of rising/falling edge for all the input signals.
  • Simultaneous input latch for all input signals. / Simultaneous output set for all output signals.
  • Bit control output set.
  • Built-in timer (1μsec ~ 32sec)
  • Interrupt: External strobe for simultaneous input latch/output set, time out of timer and input transition.
  • Single power supply(+3.0v ~ 5.5v), package size:10mm×10mm, 64 pin, Lead-free